Servo Valves

All new and reconditioned servo valves are backed by our two-year warranty

All new and reconditioned servo valves are backed by our two-year warranty

Our team of valve technicians is well trained in servo valve operation theory and functionality. Performing thousands of servo refurbishments every year, we are able to efficiently and accurately restore your units back to OEM specification.

Our goal is to recondition your valves and to use the pre-test findings to provide insight into your complete control system condition. Servo valve failure can often be the result of contamination, particulates, and degradation by-products in your hydraulic fluid.

To insure servo valve performance, United Servo Recommends

  1. Routine refurbishment of your nozzle/flapper type servo valves every 18-24 months
  2. Routine refurbishment of your jet pipe system servo valves every 18-24 months
  3. Investment in spare units
  4. Relentless Fluid Maintenance

Why partner with us

  1. 2-year Warranty on all repairs and new valves from the date of installation
  2. Dynamic testing up to 2000 psi & Ultrasonic cleaning
  3. VITON® Seals replaced as part of every repair
  4. Buy-back and Exchange Program
  5. Stock supplier of new and refurbished valves and valve parts
  6. 24-48 Expedite Repairs available
  7. Detailed test reports provided with the shipment of every valve
  8. Internal leakage held to at or below OEM Specifications
  9. Proper null bias setting guaranteed
  10. Test stand video and photos available upon request

Servo Valve Resource Center

We encourage you to visit our Resource Center for more information about servo valve design and the impact of contamination.

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  • Photos of internal component damage
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