Outage Services

United Servo Hydraulics is specialized in outage planning. Pre-outage strategies and methods have been perfected utilizing our extensive experience and knowledge in the power generation industry.

Utilizing the strengths of our team, technologies, and inventory we can easily anticipate additional needs, predict risks for delay, and propose accurate timelines and budgets.

We also understand that outage planning isn’t always an option. Customers rely on us in the most critical instances. Forced outage support is available and our 24/7 response line is always available. Expedited repairs are welcomed.

How it Works:

  • Send us your EHC work scope
  • Receive a Budget Proposal in 24-48 hours
  • Reserve Outage Dates
  • Complete pre-outage checklist
  • Speak with our Technical Team/Planning Consultation
  • Utilize our Resource Center, unlimited Technical Support
  • Visit our facility at any time before or during your outage